How much do you want to be green?

Choose the BIO-BASED PACK!: created with renewable plastics derived from sugar cane (not oil) and 100% recyclable! Choose your pack from our catalogue.


Renewable plastic from sugar cane

Renewable plastics are derived from sugar cane, your pack helps to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere which has been absorbed from the plant during its life cycle. It is also 100% recyclable!

How it's works


Plastic produced with fossil oil requires processes with high emissions of CO2. Oil pumping has an high impact on the environment.

Sugar cane absorb carbon gas as it grows thanks to photosynthesis, helping to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere.

Sugar cane is processed by the companies to obtain ethanol which is then transformed into ethylene.


Ethylene is then used to create the polyethylene, plastics used to produce our BIO-BASED PACK!

You add the BIO-BASED PACK! or I'm green™ logo in your marketing campaign and guarantee your customers that your product is really green!


After they’re used, these plastic products can be 100% recycled!

It's green, verified!

We have been working for years with suppliers to test and verify the renewable plastics performance. The aim of our collaboration is to find the right Bio-Based material for every pack! You add the BIO-BASED PACK! or I'm green™ logo in your marketing campaign and guarantee your customers that your product is really green!

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Further information

The renewable plastics performance has been already tested on many of our items, read this FAQ to learn more about it. Choose Bio-Based, together we’ll create the most suitable Bio-Based packaging for your product.


Why isn't it 100% bio?


What is the I'm green™ or BIO-BASED PACK! logo used for?


End of life: how do I dispose of it?


Which items can be Bio-Based?


Create your BIO-BASED pack with us!

Create and customize your new packaging selected from the MAV catalogue, every part can be bio-based: jar, lid and seal. We have a range of items already certified Bio-Based. Start to create the Bio-Based Pack and guarantee your customers an eco-friendly pack with the logo "BIO-BASED PACK!".


Choose your model and capacity


Match a lid


Play with colours and graphics


Apply your artwork

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Bio-based pack
Renewable plastic from sugar cane
How it's works
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